Ilana Lilienthal

introducing internationally renowned artist, Ilana Lilienthal

The Sound of a Brush Stroke

I believe art should be shared by all people who wish to experience it, regardless of age or origin, whether they are artists or art appreciators.” Ilana Lilienthal

Mixed Media | Paper & Collage on Canvas

Ilana Lilienthal’s oversized installations explore acrylics, polymers, fiberglass, and light-reflecting materials and have been enjoyed in many exhibitions across galleries and museums worldwide.

After a long career in sculpture, Lilienthal is returning to the traditional use of pastels, chalk, acrylic paint, and collages.

Form & Function | Utility Aesthetics

Throughout the ages people have used objects of function that served a purpose: tools, furniture, tableware, etc. Regardless of what the implement was—it had to “work”. However, every era and culture also put an emphasis on the object’s “look”.

In the marriage of art and design, form, function and art play together, one enhancing the other.

Work with Resin | Energy & Movement

The work of Ilana Lilienthal speaks to the future but is also drawn from the aesthetic concerns of the previous movements-the Impressionists, the German Expressionists and 17th century cosmic imagery.

The Impressionists tried to capture the elusive effect of light and color at a given moment in time. 

Murals & Outdoor Installations

Ilana Lilienthal’s mural and outdoor installations explore acrylics, polymers, fiberglass, and light-reflecting materials. These works are done on a grand scale to cover alleys, walls, homes, and buildings.

Large Installations | Art Out of the Museum

“Creating these large-scale installations, spreading elements and energy into space, is for me like taking a deep breath and feeling my lungs,” Lilienthal says.

“The harmony and dialogue between the image, the site, and the people around it, create a strong experience of size and colors dancing together.”

Force of Nature | Women & Water

The goddess, or the female figure, has had a strong presence throughout the history of art.

In African and in Native American tribes, women were presented with a muscular build, representing these powerful female forms as ancestral guards with spiritual and supernatural elements.

Black & White | And All InBetween

What seems at first to be another example of a limited palette, is actually a door into an elegant, unexplored world. Black, white, and all the varying shades of gray in between have a richness of their own, perhaps more so than color.

Painting only with grayscale encourages the use of deeper blacks and brighter whites that one might be too timid to approach otherwise, and these highly-contrasting values make powerful statements.

Limited Palettes | Scenes from New York

A peak in the past revealed a series of big, monochromatic works on canvas. Strolling in the streets of New York City, where contrasts are experienced every day, Lilienthal used only a few colors (black, white, ochre and browns) in her imagery.

From the Subway to Awakening, The Jump to Dreamer or New Immigrants and Street Musician, we can feel the power of the city and her people.